My Opinion on Today’s Society

joseph solitaire society blog today

joseph solitaire society blog today

Today’s society is full of contradictions.

They say they love (unconditionally) but they long for others to return them concern.

They say they aren’t judgemental yet they are quick to generalise.

They say that they are tolerant yet they demonise others.

They say that everything can be explained and yet this world is so confused.

They say that they are understanding but they do not bother to learn about things that do not interest them.

They say that money is not the reason for living but what a materialistic culture we live in.

They say that this is an ambitious, scientific, driven society but so many of us don’t know what to do and find no purpose in our lives; we are unfulfilled.

In a culture so individualistic, most of us still can’t find ourselves.


  1. I find that social media is one of the primary reasons for the contradictions we see in today’s world. Social media is a double-edged sword and can help a person in terms of self-expression/finding themselves. But it also breeds a culture of narcissism that is taken so lightly today, and is dismissed as ‘normal’ and ‘ok since everyone’s doing it’. Overall I find this post a spot-on observation about the state of society today.


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