Why Video Game Movies SUCK: The Differences in Medium

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Have you ever played a video game (the walking dead… Leeeeeee!!) and wondered to yourself, man this would make a GREAT movie. Slap yourself twice and think again, for in the next minute, you will be educated.

If you’re a fan of the Lord of the Rings series, you would know that Peter Jackson took J. R. R. Tolkien’s novels and totally changed them when scripting for the big screen. How come? This is because of the difference in medium. People can take their time reading a book, if they’ve missed a reference, they could always flip back to find it. In the case of a movie, a real-time medium, that is impossible. Movies are meant to be fast, full of action and strong, active movement to attract the audience’s attention. Why do you think that action movies (*cough* Avengers) do so well at the box office?

Screenshot 2015-10-31 04.17.25Screenshot 2015-10-31 04.18.22

Another example would be mangas and anime. Sometimes, a manga would do well, so well that producers might think it would be a good idea to create an anime of it. Then they wonder afterwards why it’s a flop. In a manga, there are still shots— stories are written in panels, there is a great opportunity for random jokes and sudden movement. In the case of anime, it is different, the characters have to move or the episode will look like a very awkward robot dance.

There are even some types of medium that do so well in bringing out the best of that particular medium, using the nuances to the fullest and squeezing dry the wholeness of it (think of a game that has 3D graphics, no load screens, and action-based storytelling). This is also why game music, although extremely repetitive when listened to by itself, can sound like absolute masterpieces when played in-game.

Well if you’ve come here because of the title, just watch Game theory’s video below. MatPat basically blew the park with his detailed research. Videos are a much better medium for learning anyway.

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