Poem: Autumn Leaves

There are no autumn leaves in Singapore
their hues of golden brown
tiny squirrels scampering around

There is no autumn here in Singapore
I’m just guessing what it smells like
I will never experience autumn in Singapore


Lyric poem: Let ’em go

I don’t wanna sound redundant but
I was wonderin’ if there was somethin’
that you wanna know

But never mind that, we should
let it go
‘Cause we don’t wanna be a TV episode
And all the bad thoughts just
let ’em go

Beautiful girls all over the world
I could be chasin’ but my time would be wasted
They got nothin’ on you, baby
(Na—na—na—nothin’ on you, baby, na—nothin’ on you)
Nothin’ on you, baby

Poem: Quatrain 1


I’m sorry that I ate
all the spaghetti
I knew it was your plate
Oh cmon don’t be so petty

Really it’s not a big deal
So stop making such a fuss
You know it’s my favourite meal
Don’t be such a puss

I hope that you realized
I’ve already apologized
Please accept my sincerity
It’s not empty charity

Poem: Y

Grunt and growl, my experience
is chocked beyond measurement
if hunger is all i know— eeriest
thunder, flood for betterment

There’s not much for me
in the light of veiled fruits
i see what i can eat
so i starve my damned routes

Crush me hard beneath your weight
Judge me, PLEASE, my rain will not abate

Poem: X


Minds in speeding traffic across
the express, night races.
Beauty brilliant upon the beau,
like roses, dresses flow and bloom.

You touch, she pricks, you bleed.

What a rush! As blood trickles
down the avenue, past the wayside
flowers and unto a treasure—

Poem: V

A gentle garden stroll

I strolled by the grand imperial palace
through the garden of eden whom its left
laid shy the hanging gardens, bent over.
Scratching my sole on the pebbled floor—
I entered the london metro which zoomed
high beyond the blue sky’s cloudy secrets.
Eyes blinking, I hurried fast along, knowing-
‘magic is temporal’ as time passed by.

Poem: U

Avail to me the thing I seek
Clothed in veil of shrouded smoke
In rips and tears and terror bleak
Upon this broken earth I choke
In reach towards with arm outstretched
It always slips just from my grasp
And like the old stone tablets etched
I find the tree of great alas
You speak as if I have to grant
And claim of what I have to do
But fail to see that like an ant
Just how deep the sweat you drew

When days of new past time is given
The pearl you seek is always given